Vår vision

Number3 - A reminder to stay anchored...

We believe that everyone should have the same opportunities in life - unfortunately that is not our reality - that is why we created Number3. 

This watch is a representation and a reminder to take a step back and reflect what life is all about. 

The number three is a symbol for happiness and prosperity - something we wish for everyone to have the opportunity to feel and truly experience. We believe that true happiness and humbleness is the key for a world in harmony. 

In our busy world it is easy to lose our sense of happiness as stress and our daily routines take over. It is easy to lose your grip on reality - in moments like this we hope that this watch will act as a reminder - as an anchor - a representation to slowdown, get down to earth and clear your mind to once again see whats important i life.

We believe that we stand stronger together and that we all can contribute something - therefore are we giving a part* of every sold watch back to various charity projects.

*at least 10 % - it can varies on campaigns, prices on different markets etc.